Sole to Soul Reflexology

Reasons Clients Come See Me:

  • Foot/hand issues
  • Headaches
  • Back, hip and shoulder aches
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Imbalances
  • Mysterious ailments
  • Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation
  • Soul Inquiry/Insight
  • Connecting with their spirit guides, allies, angels, ancestors

Maintaining body-mind-spirit harmony

Sole-to-Soul Reflexology, my signature hands-on work, is a blend of European-style Reflexology and intuitive seeing. Through touching feet, I receive impressions about what is happening in a person’s body and how it connects to their soul. I bring over 20 years of body-mind-soul practices and compassionate awareness to each session. It is not just your body that gets touched – your whole being is included.

Each session begins with us both setting an intention, and that intention guides the work we do together. Many clients report experiencing significant energetic shifts – receiving healing, insight, clarity and guidance from their time in my awesomely comfortable zero-gravity chair!

Reflexology works on a number of levels. It is very helpful if there’s been an injury to the body, including the feet, supporting the body’s healing intelligence as it reorganizes back to balance. It’s wonderful for shifting chronic systemic issues. And although many of my clients first seek me out to treat specific issues, they ultimately find  that our Sole-to-Soul sessions are a powerful modality for maintaining their good health,  (“An ounce of prevention. . . “)

I love supporting people in activating their conscious awareness and deepening their connection to their body. For some people, a single session is just what they need to activate that intelligence and act on it. It’s like going on a journey together – I provide a safe container for them to discover their own answers as I reflect what their body is telling me. Most people return for several sessions as they continue to release old patterns and recalibrate to higher frequencies of health and well-being. Those who are able, continue to come in on a regular basis to maintain harmony in their body and soul connection. An introductory session will usually indicate the level of work we are to do together. I also act as a resource to other practices/practitioners, if need be.

I invite you into this spacious container, a safe place of total acceptance and possibility. You bring your intention, your questions, your willingness to explore an issue from a new vantage point. Together, we map out a path of healing potential, incorporating any and all modalities available to us. We allow the body to guide us. We train the mind to ponder possibilities. We invite your soul to reveal its mission and deepest desires. We ask for help from the greater Mystery to support us.  Each session builds on the last, yet we remain present with what is needed each moment.

I also love teaching reflexology and I have created a variety of playshops and presentations. I also offer my services at retreats and conferences where participants can benefit from my unique brand of touch and insight.

The foundation of Joy’s work is a passionate commitment to healing on all levels, accompanied by a deep curiosity and delight in the process.  She is a sensitive, supportive and seasoned practitioner.  As a healer and lover of souls/soles, she is the real deal!  I make an appointment with her every time I pass through Ashland.”
~ Satya Jaech, Portland, Oregon

You are a stunningly clean witness and informed instrument of the Mystery in her healing work. I experienced wonderful shifts from placing my feet in your heart and hands.  I enthusiastically support you and your work and will refer you wholeheartedly.  Thank you!”
~ Stephen Victor, Ashland, OR

“I have complete trust in Joy Hosey, as I have seen her intelligently navigate through the body systems and felt her hold the space in divine humility so my soul may open to be healed. Joy moves into such presence that allows her spirit’s intelligence to bring the perfect medicine forward for each individual.”
~ Laura Sutherland, Santa Cruz, CA

Every part of you has a secret language; Your hands and feet say what you’ve done. ~ Rumi