Individual Counseling

Cultivating relationship skills is not just for committed couples, it’s for ANYONE interested in authentic intimacy. Often, one person in a partnership comes on their own, to work through issues they have that they know are affecting their ability to give and receive love. I also work with single adults, helping  them harvest deeper understanding of the themes and patterns reflected in their past relationships. One thing seems certain: If we do not bring our unconscious relationship patterns to the light, we are destined to repeat them until their essence is revealed. Why wait?

“Transitioning out of a relationship, I came to Joy in the midst of great personal pain. Joy coached me through new levels of insight and introduced me to a new way of being in an intentional relationship. As a result, I can now say that I now recognize my painful break-up as a gift- a perspective that I could not have arrived at on my own. Joy draws from practical tools as well as a deep knowing and intuition that have me leaving each session feeling deeply met. If you are ready to commit to radically shifting old patterns, Joy is a wonderful guide.” ~ Crystal M., Talent OR

“I found Joy when I was in need of learning to be more at peace with myself, she offered me not only the deep dive into the roots of my challenge but the loving strong presence I was needing.  The perfect person to hold your hand and guide you when you cannot see where you are going or you have lost your way.”  ~ Kyle Mercer, Venice Beach, CA

“It is truly a gift to work with Joy! One of the greatest surprises of my work with her has been the depth and healing that is possible during a 90-minute phone session. Joy is able to hold space, bear witness to and offer me invaluable tools in such a clear way, that after each session I feel closer to knowing myself as who I truly am. It is deep and healing and joy-filled work. It has contributed to me creating more loving relationships and having a more satisfied experience of my life overall. Our work together has far exceeded my (high!) expectations.” ~ Eleni L., Oakland, CA