What Clients Say About Joy...

Joy has helped to not only save my most significant relationship; she has also saved me from myself. All of my life my internal narratives have made me miserable with shame, fear, anger, and sadness. Joy’s discovery and coaching sessions have helped me to honor and accept those emotions, which has cleared the way for happiness and deep satisfaction. She held the space that we needed to become more fully ourselves, clarifying our deepest desires and commitments, and giving us the tools to have true emotional intelligence. I am beyond grateful.

~ John O, Ashland, OR

“Working with Joy has been an ongoing experience of profound collaboration. Joy has incredible mastery over many different modalities and she intuitively curates and creates sessions in response to what is present. She flows effortlessly between healing modalities, energy medicine, and conscious commitments.

My partner and I began working with Joy at a point of extreme rupture in our relationship. She created space for us to mourn, grieve, and rage, while helping us to cultivate connection in those moments by using contexts through which we could take radical responsibility for each of our lives, rather than being at the effect of past experiences. Joy gave us tools to see how the patterns in our relationship were directly related to our self-relation and moves to shift when we notice going into those habitual states.

I used to go through life as an angry victim and an overcommitted, martyred hero who derived my identity from being vigilant, looking for problems to solve and creating drama. Through Joy’s teaching and coaching I have come to see how my fears and avoidances were recreating patterns from my past and recycling old drama over and over. The biggest shift I feel after working with Joy is being able to honor and tune in deeply to my vast emotional and bodily intelligence without being totally at the effect of my feelings and letting them run the show. She has also modeled and coached me on taking things more lightly, which is a huge shift for me, as I was committed to seeing everything as a problem. My partner and I have learned and developed a practice of clearing and moving our energy with each other, which is vulnerable and connective rather than dumping, projecting, blaming, or withdrawing like we used to, and these shifts have utterly transformed our relationship. My relationship to myself and everyone in my life is so much clearer and I am conscious of my agency in my life creation.

Through her creative genius, practical strategies, sense of play, and wealth of spiritual wisdom, Joy opens up a space of deep healing for her clients. I am so grateful to Joy for this incredible work”

~ Marika W, Massachusetts

“Joy is an extraordinary relationship coach.  Her clarity and spaciousness, combined with a fierce loving devotion to what I would call, living truth (truth that is present in the field but is not held as conclusion), create the space for true transformation to occur.  The highest proof of her integrity is reflected in her own relationship, which is obviously sustained through deep love and respect. Joy is a great resource for both my patients and myself.  She is the only relationship coach/therapist that I feel truly wholehearted in recommending.  Whether in dire need of a relationship over haul, desiring a deepening of an already soulful intimacy or in supporting a loving conscious uncoupling, I can honestly say, I know no one better qualified or more skillful.”   ~ Dr Ajana Miki

“Joy saved our marriage. When we first started working with her, we could hardly look at each other and the only path forward seemed to be as gracious a parting as possible. Joy coached us through the journey of letting go, moving apart and along the way, somehow helped us to find what we needed to rebuild our marriage into something that could be nourishing and transformative. She helped us to find ourselves and each other, and together we are creating a life based on honesty, compassion and caring. I wasn’t sure that was possible. Turns out it is. We are both very grateful.” ~ Sheila C., Ashland OR

“I found Joy when I was in need of learning to be more at peace with myself, she offered me not only the deep dive into the roots of my challenge but the loving strong presence I was needing. The perfect person to hold your hand and guide you when you cannot see where you are going or you have lost your way.” ~ Kyle Mercer, Venice Beach, CA

“Joy has been a blessing in my life. I have seen her on my own for individual sessions as well as with my partner and have seen my life up-level in every way. She has an intuition as a coach that guides our sessions past the surface level conflicts to uncover the blocks that prevent us from reaching our true potential. If you have any inclination towards self-sabotage in your personal life habits or in relationship I am confident that Joy will become your ally in navigating out of those unwanted patterns.” ~ Michael Hodgin, Ashland, OR

“My experience with Joy Hosey as a couples guide for my partnership, has offered my partner & I, applicable, simple & fun tools to apply to our daily life that have transformed, what I viewed as wounds that may never heal into strengths. Strengths that have deepened my connection to my partner as well as myself & my intricate interpersonal weavings that make up who I am, allowing me to offer forth my authentic truth in my intimate relationships, which then translates my authentic self to all of my relationships.” ~ Oona J. Meade, Ashland, OR

“Whenever my husband and I experience growth pains or encounter tough challenges that we know are an opportunity for growth and healing, we reach out to Joy to guide us. Joy has a unique way of speaking to the male heart and we find that she can reach the masculine in a practical and heart centered way. I, as the female, also feel deeply heard and understood in my own struggle for safety and connection. There have been times when we have walked in with a conflict that seems so much bigger than what we can resolve on our own, and when we have left the office, we have been able to embrace in the love and compassion that comes from deeply seeing and understanding each other. Joy has lent the hand that has enabled us to return to the love that is our WE. If you are wanting deeper connection with your partner and feel at a loss for the ways you’ve tried on your own to ‘bridge the gab’ then see Joy. She is able to identify and unearth the core wounds that stand in the way. Another thing I love about working with Joy is she gives us practical tools to use to create our own container of trust so we can navigate issues on own. Her tools are so useful for shifting energy and allowing us to heal, both as individuals and as couples. We are so grateful for the time we have had with Joy and hope many more will be able to benefit from her wisdom and truth.” ~ Jenifer K., Ashland, OR

“I have been amazed at the deep insights that Joy has helped me to discover. She showed up in our sessions with a combination of compassionate partnership along with fierce emotional intelligence. The practical homework gave me tools to work with on an ongoing basis. I recommend her guidance for anyone who wants a great ally in life and relationship!”
Bayla G., Mt. Shasta, CA

“Joy has an amazing way of being both grounded (in heart and body) and intuitive! My partner and I both felt very much cared for and supported as she help us notice and work through challenges. Neither of us got away with anything but we both walked out grateful for it! Joy walks her talk and is unparalleled in her ability to hold space for couples to thrive.” ~ Amber L., Ashland, OR

“Joy has in a very short time given me tools which work right away. That alone makes her approach worthy of high praise! I experienced 3 other therapists before Joy. Neither of them could match her ability to really connect to the issue and at the same time provide a detailed path of earnest progression towards resolve. She has helped me to become a truly a happier person.” ~ Eric D., Los Angeles, CA

“Transitioning out of a relationship, I came to Joy in the midst of great personal pain. Joy coached me through new levels of insight and introduced me to a new way of being in an intentional relationship. As a result, I can now say that I now recognize my painful break-up as a gift- a perspective that I could not have arrived at on my own. Joy draws from practical tools as well as a deep knowing and intuition that have me leaving each session feeling deeply met. If you are ready to commit to radically shifting old patterns, Joy is a wonderful guide.” ~ Crystal M., Talent OR

“I particularly appreciated Joy’s work with me around core feeling states. For me, this was the next important step in my personal evolution. As a result, working with Joy has undeniably improved my relationships with others and myself, in both personal and professional realms.” ~ Rachel S., Medford, OR

“Seeing Joy has proven to be the best investment we’ve ever made for our relationship. She is brilliant, intuitive, and has a knack for illuminating one’s own knowing. She continues to show us how to elevate our already-solid relationship through simple practices and clear communication. If there is one thing we have learned through our work with her, it is how to achieve and maintain a thriving intimacy. Please, own your experience and go see Joy!” ~ Matt & Renea Prell, Ashland OR

“It is truly a gift to work with Joy! One of the greatest surprises of my work with her has been the depth and healing that is possible during a 90-minute phone session. Joy is able to hold space, bear witness to and offer me invaluable tools in such a clear way, that after each session I feel closer to knowing myself as who I truly am. It is deep and healing and joy-filled work. It has contributed to me creating more loving relationships and having a more satisfied experience of my life overall. Our work together has far exceeded my (high!) expectations.” ~ Eleni L., Oakland, CA

“I have seen Joy for coaching periodically for almost a year. I can count on her to show up with exactly what I need to help me clarify the issues at hand in my own heart and mind, and then to begin to process and heal using her deep insight, intuition, wisdom and experience, always leaving me with useful tools, optimism, and excitement about the new path forward.” ~ Bram L., Ashland OR

“Having never really explored the “tools” that Joy works with with before, I instantly realized upon coming into her space and practice that I was in the presence of a phenomenal facilitator of healing and re-connection within ones own self and in personal relationships at all levels. I honestly feel blessed to have come into contact with such an insightful and intuitive guide right here in my own community and I would recommend anyone with any level of desire, experience or practice in seeking a greater knowing to give Joy a visit. You will be glad you did.” ~ Luke Frazer, Talent Oregon

“You really have a gift for holding space and allowing what is there to come forth gently, in its own way and time.  I sometimes imagine a “coach” will give me goals to set, or be directive, but in our time together, I didn’t feel that from you.  Your guidance was wonderful and right on, but most of all, you helped create a magic that connected me to my own guidance.”
~ Danielle Hickney, Bayside, CA