In these transformative times,
relationships are our greatest assets.

I believe that cultivating open-hearted, collaborative, joyful intimate relationships is a profoundly radical act. When we commit to shifting personal patterns that sabotage connection with our partner, we change not just our intimate lives, but all our relationships.  I hope you find some inspiration here to do just that.

May your life be blessed with deep intimacy,

Is Relationship Coaching for You?

There are a variety of reasons that motivate people seek me out, including:

  • A desire to make an already-good relationship even better
  • A wish to get out of limbo in some area
  • A desire to communicate more lovingly & effectively
  • A need for a safe space to tell some difficult truths
  • A desire to shift habits that inhibit growth & intimacy
  • A wish to heal from past heartbreak

If any of these topics inspires you, then I may be able to help. As a Relationship Coach & Guide, my practice includes individuals, couples and multi-generational family systems. Truly, everything in life revolves around relationship – whether it’s your relationship to a person, family, money, health or your purpose.  Read More

What Clients Say

Joy has been a blessing in my life.
Joy has been a blessing in my life.  I have seen her on my own for individual sessions, as well as with my partner, and have seen my life uplevel in every way. She has an intuition as a coach that guides our sessions past the surface level conflicts to uncover the blocks preventing us from reaching our true potential.  If you have any inclination towards self-sabotage in your personal life habits or in relationship, I am confident that Joy will become your ally in navigating out of those unwanted patterns.
Michael Hodgin, Ashland, OR
I know no one better qualified or more skillful than Joy.
Joy is an extraordinary relationship coach.  Her clarity and spaciousness, combined with a fierce loving devotion to living truth, create the space for true transformation to occur.  The highest proof of her integrity is reflected in her own relationship, which is obviously sustained through deep love and respect. Joy is a great resource for both my patients and myself.  She is the only relationship coach/therapist that I feel truly wholehearted in recommending. Whether you are in dire need of a relationship overhaul, desire to deepen your already soulful intimacy, or need support to consciously uncouple, I know no one better qualified or more skillful than Joy.
Dr Ajana Miki, Ashland, OR
Joy coached me through new levels of insight…
Transitioning out of a relationship, I came to Joy in the midst of great personal pain. Joy coached me through new levels of insight and introduced me to a new way of being in an intentional relationship. As a result, I can now say that I now recognize my painful break-up as a gift- a perspective that I could not have arrived at on my own. Joy draws from practical tools as well as a deep knowing and intuition that have me leaving each session feeling deeply met. If you are ready to commit to radically shifting old patterns, Joy is a wonderful guide.
Crystal M., Talent OR
The loving, strong presence I needed.
I found Joy when I was in need of learning to be more at peace with myself. She offered me not only the deep dive into the roots of my challenge but also the loving, strong presence I needed.  Joy is the perfect person to hold your hand and guide you when you cannot see where you are going or you have lost your way.
Kyle Mercer, Venice Beach CA

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More About Joy

Joy is passionate about working with people who are ready to drop their old defensive postures and are willing to try on new ways of living and loving. She brings a depth of experience, both personally and professionally, to her relationship work.  A highly-skilled communicator, she transmits her wealth of knowledge through not only words, but through the fabric of Being that connects her to all life, including her clients. Unflinchingly honest, she allows her well-honed intuition to guide her work.

A true guide, Joy holds space for others to explore and express their own truth in a spacious, non-judgmental container. She brings a lovely balance of depth and lightness to all she touches. A big believer in results-oriented coaching, she has spent over 30 years cultivating mind-body-heart practices that she shares in loving detail with her clients. One basic premise of her practice is to “not believe what I say is true, but to try it on for yourself and check out your own results.”  Play, awareness practices, self-inquiry and whole-body expression are integrated into everything she offers.

Joy has an extensive background in a variety of mind-body-soul disciplines. A past ordained minister, her background includes leading peer counseling and support groups, coaching and Enneagram applications. She is also certified as a Pilates Trainer, Breema® Bodywork Instructor and Reflexologist. A space holder for the divine, she has acted as guide for many during transformative states of consciousness, working with plant and energy medicines.

Born, raised and deeply influenced by the expansive beauty of coastal California, Joy now resides in Ashland, OR with her beloved partner, Thunder. She considers him one of the greatest blessings of her life and cherishes his presence in her ever-expanding life.

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