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Tools for Self-Mastery:
Foundational Weekend or Seven-Month Immersion
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• Ready to break free of sabotaging patterns that inhibit you? 

• Curious as to how to create a life of conscious connection?

• Do you want a life of more ease, flow and purpose?

• Are you ready to stop living small and start living in your genius?


If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions,

The Tools for Self-Mastery Weekend


Self-Mastery Immersion Course

 may be just what you’ve been looking for!

I’ve spent the better part of three decades exploring mind-body intelligence with a burning desire to understand why we humans have so many pesky, limiting patterns and what to do about it. These offerings are a culmination of hard-won wisdom in how to live the life your heart knows is possible.  In this topsy-turvy, uncertain world, there is no better time than NOW to share the game-changing tools and practices that have radically enhanced my life and those of hundreds of clients.


The Tools for Self-Mastery Weekend is offered as a stand-alone experience for curious humans who sense that there is more to this one, wild and precious life than what we’ve been conditioned to believe is possible. Together we will explore how to play with our egos, expand our nervous systems and start living more from choice instead of from habit. Please come ready to play, interact and reveal deeper levels of your authentic nature in a supportive atmosphere!

Come with a friend – or your partner – for a deep discount!

(registration link below)


• The Self-Mastery Immersion Course –is designed for both personal and professional expansion. The journey begins with the Self-Mastery Weekend and then continues with twice monthly gatherings through mid-May (see schedule below). In between sessions, participants partner with each other to practice using the tools we are implementing. (registration link below)


What to expect:

In an intimate group setting, we’ll explore practical tools to break through survival patterns and move towards a thriving human experience. Our exploration will invite play, inquiry, vulnerable truth-telling and out-of-the-box intelligence.

We will “use” each other in the best way possible: As allies in the arc of our unique human experience. Our exploration will embrace the heights and depths of selfhood as we expand our awareness of our true nature. Together, we will support each other’s innate intelligence, creativity and empowerment to live the life we know in our hearts is possible.

Topics covered include:

  • Life On & Off the Drama Triangle
  • Mastering Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Telling Truth From a Lie
  • Having More, Wanting Less
  • Navigating Feeling States
  • Dissolving Guilt and Shame
  • Using Conflict To Fuel Consciousness
  • Powerhouse Commitments


Tools for Self-Mastery dates:


   • Foundational Weekend* (open to all)
November 3&4 (Sat 10-5/Sun 10-4)


• Immersion Program (closed group) dates:

November 3&4 (Sat/Sun): Opening weekend*

November 19 (Mon): Evening class 6-8:30
December 1 (Sat): Half-day exploration 10-3
December 17 (Mon): Evening class 6-8:30
January 12 &13 (Sat): Weekend Retreat 10-5, 10-4
January 28 (Mon): Evening class 6-8:30
February 9 (Sat): Half-day exploration, 10-3
February 25 (Mon): Evening class 6-8:30
March 16 (Sat): Half-day exploration 10-3
April 1 (Mon): Evening class 6-8:30
April 27 (Sat): Half-day exploration 10-3
May 6 (Mon): Evening Class 6-8:30
May 18 (Sat): Half-day completion 10-3
(*Immersion program pricing includes open weekend in November)

Please note: The Self-Mastery Immersion is limited to twelve. Registration must be complete by October 5th.


Ashland, OR (location given after registration)


Investment (see registration link below):

Tools of Self-Mastery Weekend:

• $350/one, $600/two (if registered by October 5th)

• $375/one, $650/two (if after October 5th)


Self-Mastery Seven-Month Immersion:

• $2750 standard rate

• $2475 cash rate (if registered after October 5th)

• $2350 cash rate (if registered by October 5th)

• Partial scholarships available

• Payment plan available

• Please register at link provided below


Here’s what some of last year’s immersion participants are saying:

The triangle work combined with willingness and wonder questions were very impactful. I am better at introducing these tools with clients now. Joy is a wizard! Her attunement to clients, tending to and utilizing subtle energy to inform her practice is like watching magic. This work has changed my life in such an amazing way!   ~ Crystal M.

Using these practices in my business have made huge impacts on how I relate to my team! What has had the most impact with me is speaking impeccably. I am getting better at communicating by recognizing the difference between a feeling and a story. Everyone would benefit from this course! Especially all my employees~ Michael H.
The invitation to share, using various models of receiving and giving feedback has been profound. What has changed the most is my ability to take myself less seriously, and thus allow lightness and joy to exist within me. Joy’s non-judgmental, curious and caring style supported my process. She has a willingness to meet whatever shows up without making it right or wrong. It has been an honor and joy to be a shared part of this allied collective created by this class. To both give and receive, to learn, to share, grow and witness has been a tremendous gift. Thank you!   ~ Lisa A.
I am more tuned in with my knowing through a heightened level of body and self- awareness. I am experiencing better communication and greater connection both personally and professionally. Joy is authentic, loving, smart, experienced, fun, honest combo of mind-body-heart!  ~ Amber L.
Sharing Withholds have been powerful for me. I have been braver with sharing rather than “heroing” on. My work as a counselor and guide is evolving to encompass that. This course is for people who want to empower themselves to make change, move forward, and gain self-awareness.

~ Sheryl G

This course has had a huge impact! I have shifted into taking 100% Responsibility for my life – my communication with my family and partner is much more easeful and effective. I see career possibilities for myself that I never would have thought possible before.  Joy is an empathetic, caring and expert guide. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on what is needing to be expressed and masterfully guides me in facing, feeling and getting unstuck. This course is for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of themselves and a supportive container in which to explore their emerging genius… and for anyone in the profession of helping others. ~ Peyton. M


I now have tools to connect with my true self, with kindness and compassion. I feel I have come back to myself (after decades of living to keep everyone else happy). This work is for anyone who wants to live an authentic life. Joy walks her talk and demonstrates the tools for self-mastery by example, revealing her own humanness and vulnerability. That creates a container for all of us to do the same. Deep, deep gratitude for the container, the group, the sacred space and the masterful leadership and guidance I received. ~ Deb G.

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