Relationship Guidance

Individual Coaching

Cultivating relationship skills is not just for committed couples, it’s for ANYONE interested in authentic intimacy. Often, one person in a partnership comes on their own, to work through issues they have that they know are affecting their ability to give and receive love. I also work with single adults, helping  them harvest deeper understanding of the themes and patterns reflected in their past relationships. One thing seems certain: If we do not bring our unconscious relationship patterns to the light, we are destined to repeat them until their essence is revealed. Why wait?

“I came into my session with Joy feeling stuck.  I left the session feeling FULLY ALIVE, in my body, in love with life. Joy’s non-judgment was truly the key that unlocked the gates for me.  Her openness to the unknown led the way. The session made an enormous difference for me.  I highly recommend working with her, especially for people wanting to move some stuck energy in their life!” ~ Adam Koren, Berkeley, CA

“I have to tell you I am just feeling freer and freer!! It is really a relief.” ~ Avril St. Pierre, Ashland, OR

“You really have a gift for holding space and allowing what is there to come forth gently, in its own way and time.  I sometimes imagine a “coach” will give me goals to set, or be directive, but in our time together, I didn’t feel that from you.  Your guidance was wonderful and right on, but most of all, you helped create a magic that connected me to my own guidance.”  ~ Danielle Hickney, Bayside, CA