Rates & Worldview

Coaching Single Session Rate: $140/hour or $210/90 minutes.

Coaching Package Rate: $125/hour or $185/ 90 minutes (for clients who come more than once a month).

Reflexology Single Session Rate: $120/hour or $175/90  minutes (Initial session is 90 minutes. We then decide on what’s needed for follow ups)

Reflexology Package Rate: $110/hour or $160/90 minutes (for clients coming in more than once a month)

The Bottom Line

  •  Pay-it-forward*:  For ongoing clients who need it. Details below.
  •  Session Time: Initial sessions for all services are generally 90 minutes. Individuals then choose either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on their preference/what’s needed. Couples sessions are always 90 minutes.
  •  Additional Fees added for travel or on-location sessions.

World View: I foresee a world where money is not the primary way we measure the worth of our gifts. In this radically fluctuating and disparate economy, I believe we can no longer afford to withhold our inherent wisdom, beauty, creativity and love with each other. I see a future where we cease being primarily consumers and embrace being co-creators!

*As a way of investing in this New World Economy, a portion of my income includes a Pay-What-You-Can-then-Pay-it-Forward exchange. This means you pay in money what you can honorably afford and then consciously choose to pay forward the balance by sharing your gifts (without charge) with someone else who needs your services. You take responsibility for this happening. This program is available to clients who have had a least one session at my standard rate. Please ask if you are interested in participating in this style of exchange.