Rates & World View

  • Session Time: Individual Coaching sessions are generally 60-minutes; Couples and Reflexology sessions are 90-minutes.
  • Standard Rate: $120/hour ($175 for 90-minutes). I request the standard rate for your initial coaching session.
  • Package Rate: $100/hour  ($150 for 90-minutes) for ongoing clients. Initial commitment is for 10 sessions. Payment plan available.
  • Additional Fees added for travel or on-location sessions.

World View: I foresee a world where money is not the primary way we measure the worth of our gifts. In this radically fluctuating economy, I believe we can no longer afford to withhold our inherent wisdom, beauty, creativity and loving service with each other. I see a future where we choose to let go of being radical consumers and become radical co-creators instead!

As a way of investing in this New World Economy, a portion of my income includes trades and a Pay-What-You-Can-Then-Pay-It-Forward exchange. This means you pay in cash what you can honorably afford and then commit to pay forward the balance by sharing your gifts with someone else in the future (who cannot afford your standard fee in your area of expertise). You take responsibility for this happening, no need for me to know about it  (yet if you have a memorable experience you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you!). Please ask in advance of your session if you are interested in participating in this style of exchange as these spots are limited.