Relationship Guidance

Couples Coaching

Let’s face it ~ no matter how aware we are, how much work we’ve done on ourselves, how much we cherish our partners, there are times when we feel stuck in our relationships. Repetitive patterns and old issues seem to take precedent over the intimacy we say we want. We know Love exists in our hearts, yet it gets buried beneath a backlog of complaints and disappointments until it feels like there’s a vice-grip on our hearts.

But there IS hope! And more than hope, there are actual skills and simple practices that I guarantee you, if you use them, will get you out of “the grip” of your relationship snafus. I have spent two decades exploring systems and developing practices that turned my love life from one-steep-learning-curve-to-the-next into an oasis of intimacy. My mission is to model and inspire others to living a life of exquisite connection and depth, if that is truly their heart’s desire.

 Why people come to see me:

  • To discuss/explore difficult topics
  • To get clear about their agreements
  • To get out of Limbo
  • To learn how to better understand each others communication styles
  • To recommit to deeper levels of intimacy
  • To learn practical tools to increase awareness and decrease relational stress

In a relationship session, I provide a safe, spacious container where ANYTHING can be witnessed and explored. I use body-centered techniques for supporting clients in getting out of their story and into a deeper level of awareness. I help each person name and claim their part in the dynamic, and shine light on the behavior and beliefs that are affecting the relationship. Together, we develop simple practices that support each person in expanding their continued awareness of themselves and their “significant other.”

I prefer to work intensively in the beginning with people. Most couples come in with a backlog of unexpressed feelings and issues to sort through. My experience is that once awareness and the right tools are in place, people need time to go out and practice for awhile. Coaching is not about long-term process work (which can be very valuable at certain times), but experiencing insight and then shifting behavior to garner different results than previously thought possible. After couples have mastered some of the intimacy practices I share, sessions become an opportunity for them to dive even deeper with each other, in a container of safety and love.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length for couples, sometimes less for individual work. I ask for an initial eight-session commitment so that we can track results and work more potently. After that we create follow-up sessions to support the integration process and/or the next levels of co-creation.

“Jeff and I go to Joy, and I recommend her from my heart.  She is intuitive, uses so so so many different “tools,” has a focus on the body (to get you out of your mind), and is playful and brings laughter to the evolution of relationships, which is really learning about ones-self.   If you are frustrated with a relationship, she is worth the time and money; I now get excited on Thursdays when it is our “Joy” day!  We don’t just sit around and talk blah blah blah, we get up, practice things, move in our bodies, and ALWAYS leave, holding hands, with open hearts.” ~ Gretchen Vos, Ashland, OR

“Of all the wonderful gifts that Joy brings to her classes and coaching sessions, what I appreciate most is the perfect balance between practical tools that are straightforward and very effective, insights that come from her own personal experiences, and most importantly her deep and extraordinary intuition.”
~Jessie Monter, Ashland, OR

Couples Intensives

What do we we do when we're "in the grip" of old habits? An intensive can really help.

When couples are in crisis or facing big issues that need immediate attention, an intensive offers deep-level support. Each intensive is designed based on the particular needs of the couple. After an initial session, we discuss and co-create a container for more in-depth exploration of a couple’s primary issues,  implementing  specific intimacy practices to clear old hurts, promote trust and deepen authentic communication.

Sessions are either with Joy or with Joy and her partner, Thunder, holding a ground for the masculine.

Possible intensive scenarios include:

Remember how to give and receive Love with each other again!

  • Weekend immersion
  • Longer sessions ( 2-3 hours) spaced out in regular intervals
  • Individual work with each partner in between couple’s sessions
  • Personalized integration practices
  • Customized clearings or ceremonies to facilitate the release of old energy.

Contact Joy to discuss how an intensive might serve you and your partner in your current situation.