Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips

Tip #1:  Appreciate Yourself Daily

selfLoveFortuneYears ago I heard a wise woman say, “Love yourself first, then try the world on for size.” It seems it is impossible to be fully intimate with another if we lack a fundamental love and respect for ourselves.

A simple way to increase our capacity for Love is to open to receiving self-appreciation.

So take a moment right now to pause. . .
take three deep, easy breaths. . . and answer the question:

“One thing I appreciate about how I show up in relationship is …”

Now, take a few more breaths and allow yourself to receive the appreciation fully. . . Let it penetrate your usual defenses and deflection. This is between you and your heart, so don’t be shy!

If you find yourself unable to complete this simple practice, this is important feedback regarding your current state of Love-ability. You might have to start by asking someone you trust to answer the question for you. That’s OK. Use their reflection as fuel for your own self-appreciation practice.

Try this practice every day for a few weeks and track your results. If you’re inspired, let me know what happens!

From my heart to yours,

Joy ♥


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